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NETGEAR RAX20 4-Stream AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router with USB - Black - WLM8 (14435)

NETGEAR RAX20 4-Stream AX1800 Dual Band WiFi 6 Router with USB - Black - WLM8 (14435)

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The NETGEAR&reg, 4-Stream AX1800 WiFi 6 Router built with the latest generation WiFi 6 technology provides greater capacity to handle more devices on your network and speeds up to 1.8Gbps ensuring that you can enjoy blazing fast internet connections on all your devices. This next-gen router is recommended for a small to medium home up to 1500 sq. ft. with 20 or more connected devices. Powerful quad-core processor ensures superior performance for concurrent real-time applications such as multimedia streaming online gaming and audio/video chats. NETGEAR Armor&trade, provides advanced cyber threat protection for your home network and your connected devices.

  • Speed Speed makes HD video better. Speed makes online gaming awesome. Speed makes all your devices really go. And anyplace you need speed with NETGEAR you got it. Extreme download speeds up to 600+1200Mbps. Uses Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) with dual band technology providing whole home coverage with Gigabit wired and wireless connection. Everything you need for a fast fast fast connected home. WiFi Range Homes come in all shapes and sizes. The 4-Stream AX1800 WiFi 6 Router with additional high-power external antennas provides WiFi connectivity throughout your home for all your Internet-enabled devices. Reliable Connections Stay connected&mdash,with your devices your media and your friends. Simultaneous dual band WiFi provides two separate WiFi networks&mdash,2.4GHz for legacy devices and 5GHz which is less interference-prone for media streaming. OFDMA technology provides faster WiFi download &amp, upload speeds by transmitting to multiple devices at the same time. Sharing Relive memories and share them with others. Stream 4K UHD content to more devices at the same time with 4-Stream WiFi. If it's secure and shared storage access you want NETGEAR has easy ways to do it. Ease Of Use Start enjoying your new device faster than ever. NETGEAR wants to make sure installation and management is simple &amp, easy so you can connect quickly &amp, make sure you stay that way! Security Maintain high security across your network to ensure your privacy &amp, family is safe while online. Whether it&rsquo,s preventing phishing &amp, spyware NETGEAR has you covered.
  • 1.5X BETTER PERFORMANCE THAN AN AC ROUTER&mdash,4 stream WiFi with up to 1.8Gbps for fast wireless speeds EXTREMELY FAST WIFI&mdash,Up to 600+1200Mbps 4 GIGABIT ETHERNET LAN PORTS&mdash,Connect more wired devices for faster file transfer and uninterrupted connections SUPERSPEED USB 3.0 PORT &mdash,Up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 BETTER RANGE&mdash,Wireless coverage for small to medium homes ANTENNAS&mdash,Great range with external antennas for best connectivity POWERFUL PROCESSOR&mdash,Quad-core processor ensures smooth 4K UHD streaming SIMULTANEOUS DUAL BAND WIFI&mdash,Reduces interference for better connections to more WiFi devices MORE WIFI FOR MORE DEVICES&mdash,OFDMA&sect, allows efficient data transmission at the same time 4-STREAM WIFI&mdash,Stream 4K UHD content to more devices at the same time USB 3.0 PORT&mdash,Faster streaming backup and easy access to your stored media EASY INSTALL&mdash,Easy setup for iPad tablets smartphones &amp, computers NIGHTHAWK APP &mdash,Easily set up and monitor your home network WIFI 6 SUPPORTS CURRENT WIFI DEVICES&mdash,Backward compatible with earlier WiFi generation devices VOICE CONTROL&mdash,Control your NETGEAR WiFi network with simple voice commands using Amazon Alexa &amp, the Google Assistant NETGEAR ARMOR&trade,&mdash,Cybersecurity for your home&dagger,&dagger,. Advanced cyber threat protection for your home network and your connected devices VPN SUPPORT&mdash,On PC MAC &amp, now also with OpenVPN Connect app on iOS &amp, Android securely access your home network &amp, Internet connection from your mobile device remotely GUEST NETWORK ACCESS&mdash,Separate &amp, secure access for guests LATEST SECURITY STANDARD&mdash,Supports WPA3 the latest and cutting-edge Wi-Fi security protocol AUTOMATIC FIRMWARE UPDATE&mdash,Delivers latest security patches to the router
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