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Bell AirBlaster 850 Frame Pump WLM8 (98306)

Bell AirBlaster 850 Frame Pump WLM8 (98306)

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Bell's&reg, AirBlaster&trade, 850 frame pump provide a quick easy solution for inflating your tires or fixing a flat on the road or trail. Their small size and light weight make them easy to mount to your bike frame or simply carry in your backpack or hydration pack. The AirBlaster&trade, 850 features a 2-step barrel technology that allows you to adjust between high-volume and highpressure settings. This model has a large easy-read gauge for accurate inflation and a pivoting T-handle for sure grip. The Smart Valve works with both Presta and Schrader valves without an adaptor just simply press on and pump. The included mounting bracket allows you to conveniently store the pump on your bike frame. The AirBlaster&trade, 850 inflates bike tires up to 120 PSI. Bell&reg, AirBlaster&trade, 850 Frame Pump

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