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LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245 Building Set for Kids (362 Pieces) - WLM8 (31873)

LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist 60245 Building Set for Kids (362 Pieces) - WLM8 (31873)

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Mini action heroes and fans of the awesome LEGO City TV series will love this LEGO City Police Monster Truck Heist action set featuring police hero Tom Bennett and notorious crook Big Betty. The easy-to-follow building guide ensures that even budding LEGO builders can enjoy an immersive build-and-play experience. If you're looking for feature-packed action toys that kids will love this playset has it all. With 5 minifigures a bank-busting monster truck toy armed with a huge magnet a bank building with a magnetic safe and a police surveillance truck and motorcycle ? the scene is set for action-packed fun. Children love the open-ended role-play opportunities that LEGO City police sets provide. With a wide selection of realistic vehicles detailed buildings and fun characters kids can create realistic scenarios that depict real city life in a fun and imaginative way.

  • Bring LEGO City action home with this multi-model LEGO City police building set featuring a crooks? monster truck with a magnetic lifting arm 2 LEGO City TV series characters and much more
  • Building set for kids featuring a crooks? monster truck with magnetic arm a toy bank building with magnetic safe a police surveillance van and motorbike plus police hero Tom Bennett and crook Big Betty minifigures
  • The police surveillance van and bank building have detailed interiors and kids can pull the safe from the bank wall with the monster truck?s magnetic arm. This set can be combined with other original LEGO sets
  • Ideal for children aged 5 and up this set requires only basic building skills. It makes a great gift for kids who love action toys and for fans of the LEGO City TV series
  • You?re in luck! No batteries required ? the vehicles in this LEGO City police playset are powered by small kids with big imaginations so the play can start right away
  • It?s easy to get started with this LEGO toy. Inside the box you'll find easy-to-follow building instructions ? so simply tear open the brick bags and let the fun begin!
  • LEGO City police playsets feature realistic toy buildings cool vehicles and fun characters that inspire open-ended creative play while helping youngsters improve physical skills and grow confidence
  • LEGO building sets meet the highest industry standards to ensure that LEGO City playsets are consistent and compatible and that all LEGO pieces easily connect and pull apart ? every time
  • At The LEGO Group we put all LEGO pieces through rigorous tests to ensure every one of our toy playsets meets the highest global safety and quality standards
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