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LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Tuner Car 71710 Kids Building Kit (419 Pieces) - WLM8 (31817)

LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Tuner Car 71710 Kids Building Kit (419 Pieces) - WLM8 (31817)

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ThiLEGO NINJAGO Ninja Tuner Car with 4 minifigures building set will be loved by fans of ninja cars who also have the thrill of transforming it into a flying toy. Kids can role-play being their hero NINJAGO Digi Kai and learn about the ninjas' ethos of believing in youself and helping others. With 4 buildable figures of NINJAGO Digi Kai Scott and two evil Red Visors yougsters can immerse themselves in the video game Worldof Prime Empire and recreate battles for a Key-Tana. This combined ninja car and flying toy will really fire up their imagination and inspire independent play or endless fun with friendsLEGO NINJAGO building sets allow kids to enter a mystical Worldof adventure where theycan team up with their ninja heroes to take on the forces of evil. NINJAGO fans will be captivated as theyrole-play with these stunning action toys which include speeders NINJAGO cars dragons temples and buildable figures.

LEGO Ninjago Ninja Tuner Car Kids Building Kit 419 Pieces

  • Awesome LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Tuner Car which transforms into a flying car toy. This makes the ideal birthday giffor kidswho love building NINJAGO cars and ole-playing their own stories with their mini-ninja heroes
  • This building set ncludes a Ninja Tuner Car and minifigures: NINJAGO Digi Kai Scott and wo Red Visors. yougsters will love escaping the real world and laying out scenes with this Speeder as Theybattlfor a Key-Tana
  • This awesome toy cafor kidscreates a world of possibilitiefor builder as the Ninja Tuner Car can also sprout wings and ecome a plane. The 4 buildable figures all come with new health boards to show their remaining lives
  • This 419-piece ninja playset a rewarding builfor boys and irls aged 8+ and akes a great giffor kids This toy playset arantees endless racing fun and ours of entertainmenfor you mini-ninjas
  • This LEGO Speed Racer is perfect to play with at home or to slip into you bafor fun on the go
  • No batteries are requirefor this toy racing set it is ready to gfor thrilling fantasy fun in NINJAGO as soon as it is built so younever need to pull ovefor gas
  • The bricks and uildable figures come with easy-to-follow instructions to quickly have you LEGO Speed Racer readfor action
  • LEGO NINJAGO building toyfor kidsfuel their creativity and llow them to escape into an exciting world of adventure where Theycan team upwith their favorite ninja heroefor endless adventures battling against eviforces
  • LEGO bricks have met the highest industry standardfor more than 60 years ensuring Theyare always consistent compatible and ull apart th ease every time. youknow youare in safe hands when youchoose a LEGO toy as a giffor you kids/li&gt,
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