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Marvel Wakanda Forever Black Panther Dice-Rolling Game for Family Kids Adults Toy WLM8 27678

Marvel Wakanda Forever Black Panther Dice-Rolling Game for Family Kids Adults Toy WLM8 27678

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Wakanda is under attack! Help protect and keep the country safe from evil with Wakanda Forever the exciting Marvel board game! In this fast-paced dice-rolling game players each represent the five tribes of Wakanda and battle to defeat villains. One player will lead the fight as the Black Panther with a special totem to earn more Wakanda Points than everyone else. The remaining players mine to collect Vibranium powering their tech to defend Wakanda! As you vanquish villains you&rsquo,ll earn points and will have an opportunity to challenge the current Black Panther player in a battle to dethrone the King! Once a player has both the title of Black Panther and the most points they&rsquo,ll be crowned the winner. Will you become the next Black Panther? Cement your legacy as the Black Panther with Wakanda Forever!

  • FAST-PACED MARVEL GAME: In this this fun dice-rolling game players represent the tribes of Wakanda as one player carries the title of Black Panther with a totem. Players roll dice to collect Vibranium to help defeat a lineup of villains and earn points as threats are eliminated
  • BECOME BLACK PANTHER TO WIN: Players will have the opportunity to challenge and dethrone the current King in a battle throughout the game. The first player to earn the most points and hold the title of Black Panther wins the game!
  • 2 MODES OF PLAY: Players can choose between regular or shorter play of Wakanda Forever. Shorter play takes approximately 30-35 minutes whereas regular game play will take approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • Wakanda Forever is the exciting dice-rolling game for 3-5 players aged 10 and up. Wakanda Forever is a great game for families teens and adults alike!

1 Black Panther Totem 5 Tribe Mats 5 Tribe Shields 1 Wakanda Plastic Tray 1 Wakanda Game Card 20 Villain Cards 60 Vibranium Stones 2 Vibranium Dice 1 Battle Die 4 Tech Upgrade Dice 1 Dora Milaje Die 70 Wakanda Point Tokens 5 Voting Discs 1 Villain Token 1 Health Tracker 5 Cups 1 Instruction Sheet

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