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Watermelon DIY Keg Tapping Kit Coring Tool Large Juice Jug Spigot Dispenser Party WLM8 (72272)

Watermelon DIY Keg Tapping Kit Coring Tool Large Juice Jug Spigot Dispenser Party WLM8 (72272)

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Turn an ordinary watermelon into a drink dispensing jug with the 4-Piece Watermelon Tapping Kit. With feet to keep your watermelon stable you can infuse tropical drinks with delicious fresh watermelon.

  • Perfect for use with watermelons or pumpkins
  • Set includes:
  • 1 tap
  • 3 pins
  • BPA-free
  • Plastic
  • Dishwasher safe

Cut off top and scoop out fruit. Insert stabilizing feet. Insert tap. Remove cutting portion. Fill and press to dispense juice.

1. Slice of the top of the watermelon and hollow the fruit removing any excess water.
2. The melon tap is made of two separable pieces: the large dispenser tube and the small cutting tool with metal teeth. The cutting tool attaches to the end of the dispenser that will be inserted into the melon.
3. Select where to place the dispenser in the melon. Depending upon the size of your melon this should be approximately three to four inches.
4. With the cutting tool on the dispenser tube place the metal teeth of cutting tool against the melon. Push and rotate the dispenser tube with the cutting tube back and forth until the cutting tool pushes through the rind into the melon. Push the dispenser all the way into the melon for a snug fit. it is recommended that you leave the cutting tool on the dispenser in the melon with the melon rind inside it during use. This prevents liquid from flowing through the large end of the cutting tool opening and becoming blocked as the liquid now flows in only through the small holes on the side of the dispenser tube.
5. Turn the melon upside down and gently twist the 3 stabilizing feet equally spaced around the bottom of the melon. Place your melon close to the edge of the countertop or table.
6. You may use the fruit you removed from the melon as part of your punch mix. First remove excess the seeds blend or puree and add the liquefied fruit to your punch. Fill your completed melon tap with the punch and add ice. You can place the lid back on top if you like.
7. To dispense push down where it says press. To slow or stop the flow of liquid let up off the dispenser button. As the dispenser is used the level of the liquid will lower. Should the liquid level become lower than the dispenser tub you may add more liquid to fill it above the dispenser.
Use and Care: First remove all the liquid from the melon. You may need to pour it out the top. Pull the dispenser tube and cutter out of the melon. Remove the cutter from the end of the dispenser tube. You may need a knife or pointy object to push out the rind that remained in the cutting tool. The dispenser tube and cutting tool are dishwasher safe. Remove the feet and dispose of the empty melon.


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