Zodiac Clash Strategic 3D Solar System Board Game 2 or 4 Players Toy Gifts Kids Family Friends WLM8 26781

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Master the signs, control the stars! In Zodiac Clash, players choose a zodiac sign to control, each with its own special rule-breaking Astral Power. Place your marker onto the three-tiered rotating game board and choose 10 Night Stars. During a turn you can add or remove Night Stars, move your zodiac sign, or spin the rings! You can even take advantage of your sign’s Astral Power for special moves on the game board. Align four of your Night Stars before your opponent to win the game! With fire, earth, air and water powers, players can experiment playing as each of the 12 astrological signs. Claim the power of your astrological sign with Zodiac Clash!

  • THE BOARD GAME OF ZODIAC POWER: Choose a zodiac sign to control and move your marker around 3D the game board. Each sign has an Astral Power to use as your advantage in the game. Align 4 of your Night Stars before your opponent and win!
  • 3D SOLAR SYSTEM GAME BOARD: As players move their zodiac markers around the tiered 3D game board, they can attempt to align their Night Stars by rotating the three rings in different directions!
  • ENDLESS GAME PLAY: With 12 zodiac markers, try out each sign’s different powers each time you play! Experiment with different matchups shown in the instructions – with 2 players, compete as compatible or incompatible signs; with 4 players, mix it up!
  • Zodiac Clash is a strategic 3D board game for 2 or 4 players, aged 8 and up. Master the zodiac with Zodiac Clash!


  • 12 Zodiac Movers
  • 12 Zodiac Cards
  • 20 Night Stars
  • 1 Center Post
  • 2 Sun Halves
  • 18 Disc Clips
  • 1 Solar System Board
  • 1 Instruction Sheet