SwimSchool Fabric Swim Pool Arm Floats 40-80 lbs Floating (Medium/Large) Whale Blue Boys WLM8 15557

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Let’s Swim! SwimSchool Fabric Arm Floats support your child’s swim training skills by providing the balanced flotation necessary to build his or her swimming skills. These arm floats are made of soft, quality fabric and designed for comfortable, free-motion swimming. Safety features include dual chambers, leak-proof valves, and durable construction. Fabric arm floats are a key part of the Original SwimSchool Training System by Aqua-Leisure®.

  • SwimSchool, Level 3 – Building Swim Skills
  • Recommended for children 40-80 lbs. (Medium/Large)
  • Provide balance flotation to build swimming skills
  • Soft, comfortable fabric (no irritation to skin)
  • Designed for free-motion swimming
  • Dual air chambers for added safety
  • Leak-proof valves for easy inflation