Rust-Oleum Flexible Bumper Repair Kit 3-Step Prep Fill Sand perfect for repairing tears punctures and gouges - WLM8 (40804)

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This Bumper repair kit includes everything but the paint for repairs on bumpers and plastic parts.

  • Use on flexible and rigid bumpers
  • It's perfect for repairing tears, punctures and gouges
  • The flexible polyester putty resists cracking; bends up to 100 degrees
  • Super flow formulation
  • Stain and tack free
  • Repairs an area up to 6 square inches at 1/4 inch thickness
  • Kit includes 1 prep wipe, 2-2 oz. bumper filler pouches, 2- pre-measureed packets of hardener, 1-MicroZip sanding tool, 9-premium color-coded sanding sheets, and 1-2 inch spreader