Razor Jetts DLX Heel Led Light UP Wheels Neon BLUE Lighted Flashing Sparks Youth Boys WLM8 301924

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Light, spark ‘n’ roll with the Razor Jetts DLX heel wheels. The Razor Jetts DLX will take you to another dimension of fun with their glowing, LED wheels, translucent, polycarbonate frame and extra burst of flashing sparks when you want to really light it up. The Jetts DLX feature our “quick click” hook-and-loop strap system that makes it easy to get the perfect fit for U.S. shoe sizes youth 12 to adult 12. Just step in, strap down and put your sneakers into warp drive. ● “Quick click” hook-and-loop strap system makes it a cinch to get rolling.

  • Bright colored, light-up LED wheels add a flash of fun to your ride.
  • Replaceable spark pads make sure you’re always ready to light it up.
  • Heavy-duty, translucent, polycarbonate material is designed to withstand rugged use.
  • Provides a snug, secure fit for U.S. shoe sizes youth 12 through adult 12.
  • Designed for riders ages 8 and up weighing up to 176 pounds (80 kg).