Play Day Sonic Dive Sticks 3-Pcs Set Toy Kids Swimming Pool Underwater Training Swim WLM8 15624

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The Play Day 3-Piece Sonic Dive Set is perfect for summer fun in the pool, backyard, or at home. This exciting dive set has a countdown timer and the sound is activated in water. Toss these dive sticks into the pool to dive and retrieve! This versatile playset features three green and yellow dive sticks. Enjoy your light show in the pool with no batteries needed when you play with the Play Day Light Up 3-Piece Dive Stick Set.

  • Play Day 3-Piece Sonic Dive Stick Set:
  • 60-second timer
  • Sound activated in water
  • 3 dive sticks, one with sonar sounds
  • Toss into the pool and race to collect before the timer runs out!
  • Find the Sonar Dive Stick and stop the timer