Phlat Ball v3 BLUE Sports Outdoor Game Toy Flying Flat Throw Catch Disc Frisbee WLM8 31619

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Throw a disc, catch a ball! Phlat Ball v3 from Goliath Sports adds an exciting dimension to outdoor games with its unique center suction design. Squeeze down to set the time-delay mechanism, toss it like a disc and then watch as it
transforms into a catchable ball in mid-air. And thanks to the variable-release technology, you never know when it's going to spring back into a ball, which adds a fun element of surprise to any game of catch.

  • Fun playground ball starts as a flying disc and pops into a ball
  • Features new ultra-flexible design
  • Variable time-delay suction feature adds a surprise element
  • Transitions from 9in disc to 6in ball
  • Recommended for kids ages 5 and up