Majik Big Boppers Giant Inflatable Boxing Gloves (1 Pair Red ) Toy Punching Practice Fight Game Kids - WLM8 (01948)

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Slip on the gloves and duke it out with Majik Big Boppers Boxing Gloves! Set up a championship ring in the backyard or tee off indoors at home when the weather takes a turn. These big blow up punching mitts allow youth to slide their hand in and latch onto an inner grip so the gloves won't slip off. Each set includes 2 blow up gloves (1 pair) in Red. Perfect for a kid birthday party, funny backyard game, or indoor activity to stay entertained for hours! The gloves are inflated with air which means you punch, bop and take painless hits to the body, head, and face without worry. Keep inflated to quickly reuse or deflate for easy storage and transport. Blow up punching gloves are a great way to safely and painlessly practice as well as acclimate younger children to the speed and intensity of a real boxing match. Majik makes toys, sports games, and youth and teenager gifts for every season!

  • Everything is more fun when it's giant size! Enjoy endless hours of entertainment with Majik blow up boxing gloves!
  • Blow up the inflatable punching gloves and Get Ready to Rumble!
    Great for outdoor backyard championships or indoor play.
  • Complete with 1 pair of inflatable giant boxing gloves sized to fit youth hands. Add another set for competitive play.
  • Featuring an inner grip handle so these blow-up boxing gloves for kids won't slip off when you punch.
  • Box, practice martial arts, and enjoy safe play fighting with Majik inflatable boxing gloves for kids!
  • These giant boxing gloves come in bright red, so you can feel like a pro as you go fist-to-fist with friends and family!
  • Take pain-free shots to the head, face and body with our air-inflated boxing glove toy! A great children’s gift for boys and girls.
  • Have fun and relieve stress with Majik oversized kid boxing gloves... these large inflatables pack a painless punch!