Light-Up Squeeze Water Bottle Sports Color Flashing LED Running Cycling Fitness WLM8

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A high quality 20 ounce sports bottle with a built in LED light to make you more visible when you run, walk, bike. You can even use it as at concerts and festivals to stay hydrated but also stand out! The 5 colors are Blue, Green, Red, Purple and Yellow. The conveniently placed button at the bottom of the bottle will allow you to toggle from a steady light or a blinking light. Just hold the button for 4 seconds to activate blink features.

  • LED Lights - 2 light modes with 5 LED colors lets you stay visible while exercising.
  • Form & Feel - Lightweight 20oz bottle is designed for easy carrying, standard size allows fit with most bottle holders.
  • Dishwasher Safe - Bottle and top cap are dishwasher safe, battery housing can be removed
  • Use - Can be used while running, biking, walking, dancing at festivals and raves or just general exercise
  • Included (one) 1 Light-up Bottle