Illuminations LED LightWizard 4 Ports Outlet Light Show Effects Christmas Holiday w/ Remote Control WLM8 51522

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Upgrade ordinary static Christmas lights and turn them into a dazzling light show with the Illumination LED Lightwizard. This compact unit allows for stunning displays that will showcase dynamic holiday decoration, so it stands out from normal neighborhood lights. No need to replace already purchased and working lights, as this Christmas light show equipment uses any string of lights and is designed for quick and easy installation. Each unit features four outlet ports. Simply plug the light string into a port and let the Lightwizard work its magic. The innovative light show accessory offers up to 10 different motion effects and creates a light display that appears to be professionally put together. The Illumination LED Lightwizard is conveniently remote activated and puts the power of holiday wonderment in the palm of the hand. There is a timer option on the remote control that allows for controlled use.

  • Illumination - LED Lightwizard HP
  • 10 different light show effects, including: steady glow; multi-speed fading; multi-speed blinking; chasing; shooting star; stacking; sparkle; cross wave; alternating; combination
  • Plug and play, no setup required
  • 3-4 ports connect up to 6,000 to 8,000 light counts of LEDs
  • Energy saving - 4 / 6/ 8 hour timer