Horizon Group Just My Style 11000 Beads Bracelet Making Kit Jewelry Makers Craft Gift Kids Girls - WLM8 (57429)

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Design and create a wide range of bracelets, necklaces and rings with the Just My Style 11,000 Beads Bracelet Kit. The set includes decorative beads, crystal accent beads, elastic cording, beading string, a designer workstation and easy-to-follow instructions to help get you started. This jewelry beads kit by Horizon Group USA can help you learn different techniques and tricks for producing stylish accessories. There are different sizes, colors, shapes and styles of beads included so that each of your creations can be different from the last. This Just My Style Beads Kit can serve as a creative outlet for aspiring jewelry makers. Just My Style 11,000 Beads:Just My Style Beads set provides enough beads to make many different styles of jewelryUse the easy-to-follow instructions (included) to learn different techniques and tricksJewelry beads kit includes: 7,200 decorative beads, 3,800 crystal accent beads, elastic cord, 2 beading strings, 1 jewelry designer workstation and easy-to-follow instructionsFrom Horizon Group, USA