Holiday Time 50 LED BLUE Mini Lights Green Wire Set Christmas Fairy String Tree Indoor/Outdoor Decoration WLM8 78522-A5

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This 50ct LED Incandescent-Style Blue Mini light set is designed to brighten your home or yard. This set has a 10.5 foot green wire, with a total lighted length of 12 feet. This light set has Lite Lock which will keep the bulbs in place with a special latch on each light. Decorating with this set of lights is a simple and festive way to light any indoor or outdoor location. This set is end to end construction allowing up to 45 sets to be connected together.

  • Holiday Time LED Mini Light Set Green Wire Blue Bulbs, 50 Count
  • 50 count Blue bulbs
  • LED Incandescent style mini lights
  • Lighted length 10.5 feet
  • 12 foot green wire
  • Indoor and Outdoor use