Genesis Gear Head Find Your Mystery Surprise Vehicle Set Mini Car In Crate Toy Boys Kids Collectible WLM8 51574

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Challenge your determination with this exciting unboxing experience that reveals YOUR mystery vehicle!  Control your destiny as you rip, pry and then crank REAL METAL tools. Accelerate to the next level as you unlock 15 layers of anticipation and discover your collectible.  Proudly display a cool, new surprise vehicle to your friends. Or, rev your creativity and launch your vehicle from the platform. Challenge a friend to a speed challenge and simply re-box and start the whole adventure all over again. Gear Head Mystery

  • Gear Head Mystery, 1 Car Included
  • Unwrap the tool chest!
  • Use the tools to open the crate!
  • Reveal your tyre! What one will you get?
  • Spin or crash the tyre open! What mystery vehicle will you get?


  • 1 tool case
  • 1 Crate
  • 1 Key Fob
  • 1 Wheel with Special Rim
  • 1 Mistery Vehicle
  • 2 Real metal Tools