Dolfino Child 4+ Swim Combo Mini Shark Mask & Snorkel Swim Set Yellow Snorkeling Splash Guard - WLM8 (10522)

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The perfect swim set for the underwater explorer! Child snorkeling set. The Dolfino Swim set offers an enjoyable snorkeling experience for ages 4 and up. Mask’s soft facial skirt and adjustable, split head strap create a water-tight seal. Snorkel features a child-8 size mouthpiece. Wide-angle view with single lens. Safe and durable. Lens is polycarbonate, impact-resistant. Breathe easily while snorkeling. The snorkel’s built-in mask retainer and splash guard ensure enjoyable snorkeling. Swim set is latex-free, no skin irritation. Key Features: Dual lens, Adjustable, split strap, Built-in mask retainer, Splash guard, Polycarbonate lens, Latex-free

Dolfino Child Mini Shark Mask & Snorkel Swim Set - Yellow:

  • CHILD (4 and up) Swim Mask and Snorkel Combo
  • WIDE-ANGLE VIEW- Single lens
  • COMFORTABLE FIT - Adjustable split head strap
  • KEEPS WATER OUT - Angled-barrel snorkel with splash guard
  • BREATHE COMFORTABLY - Built-in mask retainer keeps snorkel in place
  • NO SKIN IRRITATION - Latex-free mask and snorkel
  • SAFE & DURABLE - Polycarbonate lens