Dolfino Adult Zeus Swim Goggle RED Anti-Fog Mirror Mirrored Lens Swimming Pool Sport Water WLM8 13353

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Performance swim goggles in racer styling.Adult (12 and up) recreation, sport, and swim training. Expect style with comfort wearing the Zeus Swim Goggle. Reduces glare. Mirrored lenses reduce sun glare , less strain on your eyes. UV Protection. Swim goggles block the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays. Custom Fit. Select from 3 nose bridge sizes to create a perfect fit. Superior Comfort. The Zeus features eye cups and head strap. No skin irritation. Latex-free sport swim goggle. Safe and durable. Impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses.

Key Features:• Mirrored lenses• Custom Fit – 3 Nose bridges• UV protection• Premium silicone• Polycarbonate lenses• Latex free

• ADULT (12 and up) Performance swim google
• REDUCES GLARE - Mirrored Lenses
• UV PROTECTION - Blocks harmful UVA/UVB rays
• CUSTOM FIT - Choose from three nose bridge sizes
• SUPERIOR COFORT - Premium silicone eyecups, headstrap
• NO SKIN IRRITATION - Latex-free swim goggle