Big Bang Theory TV Show Ultimate Genius Party Game for Teens Adults and Kids 12 and Up - WLM8 (28456)

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Get ready to put your genius on display when you play The Big Bang Theory Ultimate Genius Party Game. With hundreds of questions based on the actual show, you’ll have lots of way to flex your brain muscle and show your opponents that you’re not crazy (your mother doesn’t even have to have you tested!), you’re brilliant (or just the ultimate show fan)! This Ultimate Genius game features categories inspired by some of the funniest moments on the show including Counterfactuals, Fun with Flags, Sketch Charades and Celebrity. So get ready to wave your flag, sketch your clues (remember, capitalization makes all the difference with words you sketch. Like Polish vs. polish!?) and reveal your ultimate fandom.

  • PLAY THE GAME BASED ON THE HIT SHOW: This ultimate genius game is also the ultimate party game. Great for Big Bang Theory fans 12 and up, you’ll laugh along to questions and challenges from some of the show’s most hilarious moments and segments
  • FAMILY FUN: Turn game night into a real party for any Big Bang Theory fans. Reflect back on key show moments including Fun with Flags, celebrity appearances and try your hand at Sheldon and Amy’s creation, Counterfactuals
  • SHOW-BASED GAMEPLAY: The Ultimate Genius Party Game lets you answer hundreds of questions and make sketches influenced by hilarious moments from the hit show. Ready for a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?
  • NO BATTERIES NEEDED: Just take the game out of the box, choose your game piece and let your brilliance shine