Aqua Leisure Eye Pop Child BLUE Purple Dolphin Swim Mask 4+ Swimming Pool Goggles Dual Lens - WLM8 (16368)

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Adorable swim mask they'll love wearing! • CHILD (4 and up). Recreational swim mask. • Comfortable facial skirt and adjustable, split head strap create a water-tight seal. • Enhanced visibility underwater with the mask's dual lens. • Safe and durable. Lenses are polycarbonate, impact-resistant. • Latex-free, no skin irritation. Key Features: • Dual lens • Adjustable strap • Polycarbonate lens • Latex-free • CHILD (4 and up) Recreational Swim Mask• ENHANCED VISIBILITY - Dual lens• COMFORTABLE - Soft skirt with adjustable strap• SAFE and DURABLE - Impact-resistant, polycarbonate lenses• NO SKIN IRRITATION - Latex -free swim mask