AND1 LED Light Up Basketball Nitegame Glow in the Dark Ball Official Size 7 Night Game Sports WLM8 17359

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IMPACT ACTIVATED Get ready to light up the court as you light up the scoreboard! The long-lasting light up ball has no on/off switch so all you have to do is dribble to keep it lit for as long as you play. When you’re done playing and put the ball down for the night, the lights will automatically shut off to conserve battery life. And when you’re ready to go again, just pick up the ball and dribble. The lights will re-activate so you’re ready to play right away.
PLAY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to stop playing! Our durable light up basketballs are suitable for game days and game nights. Get your team together and hit the court for an awesome night time game or go put in work solo for a late night practice session. This ball is also suitable for indoor courts.
READY FOR USEAND1 is dedicated to all things basketball, so get ready to experience the game like never before! Our Nit game basketball comes with batteries and 2 LED light units pre-installed so you can use it right out of the box. The lifespan of the LED light units is a minimum of 30, 000 hours of normal use, with each LED light using 3 button cell batteries that support 25 hours of normal use.
OFFICIAL SIZE BALL The Nit game LED light up basketball is a full size 7 - 29. 5” regulation size. It’s easy to grip to help athletes develop better ball skills and a slam dunk gift for kids, teens, and adults. This package includes 1 impact activated LED basketball, 6 button cell batteries, 1 battery changing tool, and 1 instruction manual.

  • Get the glow: light up the Court with your skills and the AND1 Nite game Led Lighted basketball
  • Impact Activated: with no on/off button, Simply bounce The ball to activate the internal LED lights
  • Play anytime, anywhere: Dribble and shoot on indoor or outdoor courts with Nit game basketballs
  • Ready for Use: Each ball Comes with the lights and batteries already installed to be game ready
  • Official size ball: the regulation size 7 (29. 5”) basketball is easy to grip for maximum control