Adventure Force Battery Operated Crane Playset Diecast Construction Car Toy Kids WLM8 400281

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Adventure force light and sound crane set
Crane Set with construction vehicle: a formidable team!
This building duo will bring a sparkle to your youngster's eye: the large boom with battery-operated winch is perfect for building skyscrapers in the playroom in a flash. The freewheel lorry brings the necessary materials. The crane is built like a real life construction vehicle: even the trolley on the boom carries out all the important jobs of its full-size counterpart. The construction giant for the playroom rotates round 360 degrees, allowing it to get into every corner of the imaginary building site. The construction crane playset allows little ones to have lots of fun creating their own mini worlds.

AF BATTERY OPERATED CRANE, 67 CM with 8 pieces of accessories & 1 diecast construction car, battery operated for hook up/down function, turns 360 degrees, with bucket. 
Age Group Toddler, Child 3+
Batteries Required