4-Pack TYPE A or C Universal Filter Cartridge Pool Easy Replacement Filter Pump WLM8 207759/201259

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 If your pool is not ready for the warm weather, you need the Summer Escapes Pool Filters Type A and C Cartridges. Available in a pack of four, the A and C Pool Filter Cartridges, Four-Pack saves you time and money. Purchasing a pool is an investment - the set-up and maintenance is a commitment. To keep your pool party-ready at a moments notice, the Summer Escapes Pool Filter does the work for you. The Summer Escapes Pool Filters Type A and C Cartridges cleans impurities out of your pool, for a safer swimming experience. So take a dip in your pool after a thorough cleaning with the Summer Escapes Pool Filters Type A and C Cartridges for a safe swim for you and your family.
  • Pool Filter Type A or C
  • Fits Filter Pump Models RP800, RP1000, RX1000, RX1500, SFS1000, SFS2000, SFX1000, SFX1500, and all other models using 8 in x 4.13 in Filters
  • Keeps your swimming pool looking party ready, by getting rid of build-up and debris
  • Replace your filter every 2 weeks
  • Pack of 4
  • Cleans impurities out of your pool for a safer swimming experience
  • Each cartridge measures 8 inches long and 4.13 inches in diameter
  • Each filter features a built-in open cage in the middle to hold a 1 inch chlorine tablet of your choice (tablet not included)
  • Fits filter pump models RP800, RP1000, RP2000, SFS1000, SFS2000 and all other models using filters with dimension 8 inches x 4.13 inches
  • Package of four saves you time and money