3M Filtrete A/D/H True HEPA Room Air Purifier Filter For Honeywell & Holmes Replacement WLM8 16244

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Do you have a Honeywell or Holmes air purifier but want the power of a Filtrete™ Filter? Great news: The Filtrete™ Allergen Reduction + Odor Defense Room Air Purifier Filter works in these devices to tackle both allergens and unwanted odors in your air. The filter’s active carbon layer helps to reduce strong odors from pets, cooking, smoking and more. A/D/H size. Helps to maintain sufficient airflow.

  • Works with Holmes Device Models: HAP9243, HAP9415, HAP9423. Works with Honeywell Device Model: HPA060(BWM).
  • Change filter at least every 6 months. Based on 12 hours of operation per day. Backed by 25+ years of filtration expertise.
  • For residential use only.