2-Pack (White/Red) Ozark Trail Mini Headlamp 3 LED Camping WLM8 8219

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Ozark Trail 2-Pack Headlamp (1 White and 1 Red)

The Ozark Trail 3 LED Headlamp is ideal for camping, boating trips, mountain biking, power outages and any situation where you could use a little extra illumination. It features three energy-efficient LEDs that produce a penetrating white light at a fraction of the power that incandescent and fluorescent lights require. This headlamp creates 20 lumens of focused brightness to illuminate the path in front of you or the engine bay of your car, and is powered by two CR2032 batteries that can be replaced easily and are widely available. With a simple on/off button, the headlamp is a breeze to use, and the strap is highly adjustable to provide a secure fit around a wide variety of head sizes. This headlamp is a great value and you'll be surprised by how useful it can be in all kinds of situations.

Ozark Trail 3 LED Headlamp:
  • Headlamp
  • Three LEDs
  • 20 lumen output
  • Two CR2032 batteries included