10-Pattern Telescoping Water Wand Hose Nozzle Irrigation Sprinkler Plant Garden (GREEN) WLM8 EG17-094-032-30

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10-Pattern Telescoping Water Wand - Green

- Telescoping wand extends from 29" to 43".
- 10 spray patterns to meet all watering needs.
- Adjustable head for hard to reach watering areas.
- Front trigger for precise on and off watering control.
- Integrated flowcontrol allows you to adjust the water flow without going back to the faucet.
- Adjustes from
0º to 90º in each direction for a full 180
- M
akes it easy to water hard-to-reach areas
Its metal construction with comfort grip ensures comfort and durability.
Excellent for reaching hanging baskets, shrubs and those hard to reach areas in your lawn and garden

10-Pattern Nozzle:

- Flat
- Center
- Jet
- Mist
- Fan
- Angle
- Shower
- Vertical
- Full
- Cone